Just call me...*gasp*...Mommy.

Yes yes yes! I got confirmation from a digital test last night. Charlie was super skeptical about it. I'm not going to sit here and lie and say I wasn't, but I had a little more faith. We went out and bought the digi-tests and then he went to bed. I drank some water, determined to hold it in until I couldn't stand it any longer [to up the HCG levels..a tip from cafemom]. After about 30 minutes, there wasn't even need to pee. But I DID have other things trying to come out of me [sorry for the TMI]. I ended up taking the test with me and trinkling down on it for the mandatory 5 seconds. After what seemed like forever, but was really like 1.5 minutes..the screen lit up with the most beautiful word EVER.


I keep staring at it. I wish I could make it say that forever. Gaaah. I'm so happy. I ran into the bedroom where Charlie was snoring away and I shoved it in his face waiting for him to wake up. He groggily opened his eyes, saw the pregnant reading, said YAAAAAH, then crashed out again. LOL.

This morning my mom called me. I had told her, my dad, and my sister that day but told them I wanted to get a more definite answer. She asked if I'd taken the test and I told her what it said. THEN she proceeded to 3-way call my aunt [who is like a second mother to me] and made me tell her. Personally, I wanted to wait til we had gone to the doctor first or the twelve week mark, but I know my mom. If I didn't tell everyone, she would have. My aunt was a bit miffed since I didn't listen to her, but then I asked her to be the godmom and she was a bit happier. Then EVERYONE heard the news and GET THIS: THEY ALREADY KNEW! Not because someone had snitched, but EVERY-SINGLE-PERSON in my family had a dream within the last 3 weeks that I was pregnant. My mom called me three weeks ago, my dad told my aunt of a strange dream, she predicted someone was pregnant, my uncles [whom I'm not really close with] all had dreams the last few days, my aunt told my sister that she was probably going to be an aunt soon..etc!! WEIRD. I didn't believe the hype. lol

We then told Charlie's mom and grandparents. Apparently, they went out right after our phone calls and bought stuff for us. How sweet. I'm loving how everyone is reacting to it. I kinda wish I could've come up with a more creative way to tell, but I can't really hold a secret this big. Especially since I'm super emotional. When I found out, all I wanted was to have my mom and my sister on the line. lol such a big baby. Only person who was less than enthused was my bio-father. He didn't even say congrats at first He just said he hoped I was ready. Psh. whatever. THEN he had the nerve to say [after congratulating me several hours later] "If you can't depend on me, who can you depend on?". UHM- MY HUSBAND. The only man in my life who still loves me even when I don't do things his way. UNLIKE YOU. But I digress...

Today I woke up with SUPER SORE boobs. OMGAH. It was horrible. And a back ache..ALREADY WITH THE PAINS?! The last week or so, all of my jeans have been SUPER tight..even the bigger loose fitting ones, so I went out and bought my first pair of maternity pants. I'm really banking on just wearing those, a pair of shorts, and a dress. I don't want to buy a bunch of maternity stuff. [We're finally putting our dresser together so I can weed out clothes I don't need or wear and sell them on CL. YAY!] At the store, they had baby bump bellies in the dressing room so I put it on to see how the pants would fit. OMGAH. It was such a surreal thing to see in the mirror. Charlie was grinning from ear to ear. And between you and me....his eyes were tearing up. He denies it, but I felt my heart flutter.

Tomorrow we're going to check out a church down the road. I miss being in church sooo much. Now that I have weekends off and he gets every other one...we can go back. I checked out the website and it looks very nice, family friendly, and most of all deeply rooted in the gospel not their own agenda.

*claps hands excitedly* Life is beautiful and changing...I can't wait for the ride!!

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