How in the WORLD?!

How am I supposed to make this work without him being onboard?

Last night I was running the numbers just trying to establish some sort of routine with getting debt paid off. ALL of our debt. He said he has none. I mentioned how, while a car payment is still a manageable monthly payment, it's STILL a debt. WHY? Because you didn't pay for it all in cash, you took out a loan and owe money to someone for the original sticker price AND the interest on the loan you took out. D.E.B.T.- debt. Right?

No. Wrong in his opinion. And he didn't just say that once, he repeatedly said it. Practically beating me down with his opinion. In an effort to prevent a fight, I said okay and just dropped it. I figured we could just talk about it later.

I'm a subscriber to the notion that when two people get married they become one person. Whatever you bring with you is inherited by the other. My money is your money. My debt is your debt. And vice versa. With the exception of student loans, his debt is more than mine. But if we work together [as we should] we can pay all of it in a shorter amount of time [and save money] than if we did it on our own.

He's not onboard. Well, not completely anyway. I told him about the June 30th deadline for the first debt that I wanted to tackle and he didn't think we could do it by then. I told him about the budget and he was for it..hestitantly, but still for it. I was trying to inspire some enthusiasm about it so I mentioned how with budgeting, we could pay off his debt quicker and thats when he blew up about his car not being a debt.

I don't want to struggle. I want us to be debt-free and financially set. I want us to be responsible. Yes, I screwed up pretty badly. But not so badly that I can't fix it on my own. And it looks like I might have to do that.

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  1. Kiranda! My hubby says the same thing. We also have a car payment and I say the exact same thing to him...yes we can afford the monthly payments and all but if they asked us to pay the entire bill right then and there...we would be in trouble. Gah...gotta love men.

    ps: I'm totally stalking you via blog from now on!


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