paychecks, budgeting, debt, meal planning, and speeding cars.

Charlie got paid last night at 10pm! woo. Yah for Texas being two hours ahead so he gets his check at midnight THEIR time. lol. Today at work, I've been budgeting for June. Seattle is having some kind of collections reduction event for the months of May and June for parking tickets or moving violations. Basically, all you have to do is pay the original ticket price and they'll remove all of the interest/collections cost. I called today to see what my balance would be. At first I called the collection company and the guy told me that my tickets totaled over $900. But then he gave me the number so I could see what the price would be minus the extra fees. I called and the lady gave me a total of $753. [Blegh!] Since that has to be taken care of by the end of the month, that is going to be the first debt we tackle.

I'm also trying to plan our menus for 10days. Geez. This is actually kind of hard. I'm not sure if I'd rather make a list then search for coupons or search for coupons then make a list based on what I find. Hmm. I'm just confusing the hell out of myself. The good thing is that for 4 days, we'll be in Texas so I won't have to worry about cooking on those nights. Except MIL Mama Flora wants me to show off my cooking skills for the family. Eek! Nervous.

Haha, funny story. Charlie and I were driving home last night and he tends to speed. Darn that red sports car syndrome. lol. Well the cop asks for the usual stuff and Charlie hands over his ID and insurance. He can't find the registration. Neither can I, but I'm also not aware of what the Texas one's look like. Well his insurance expired on the 30th [not really. he pays it every month but his proof of insurance expired so he needs a new copy. lol] and since we couldn't find the registration...we were really looking at being up a creek and getting a nasty ticket...PLUS he was doing 78 in a 60 zone. *shakes head* [p.s..i canNOT be held responsible. I dozed off at this point]. The officer asks if he's military and he said yessir. He goes back to his car for a sec, comes back with the ID and the insurance, tells us that the insurance expired the day before and that we should have the registration in the car to avoid a fine, to not speed, and to have a great night. lol. YAY! As we drove off, Charlie said, "I'm going to say a prayer when we get home."

lol. FUN, huh?

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