Last Gig.

I had a show last night. I'm pretty sure it'll be my last one, at least for awhile. I feel like a complete dirtbag for not wanting to perform anymore. I hoped that being on stage last night would've ignited some of the passion in me, but it didn't If anything, I just wanted to run and hide. SOOOO not like me. I think that maybe I'm just changing. My life HAS taken on some new changes and my outlook has definitely changed a lot. I've always had different dreams and aspirations and I think now I'm just really tapping into them and delving further into the multi-faceted brain of mine.

There were a whopping THREE people there. I hate flakes. AB-SO-LUTE-LY can't STAND 'em. Don't tell me you'll be there if you're not coming, ykwim?! Blegh. But the guys and I had fun. Oh yea, the three people?! CHARLIE, MAGGIE, AND HER BROTHER! wtf?! The bartender was super sketchy and tweaking out, but we had some good drinks, laughs and conversations. And the band and I mostly just goofed around on stage. I even sang some a jazz tune as a classical piece at one point! TOO HILARIOUS.

Charlie got some pics and video. I can't figure out how to upload the vids since it was done on the video camera. Hmm. And this computer is being stupid beyond stupid so I can't upload the pics yet. GARRRRR! Whatever.

*stomps off*

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