June..where ARE you?!

It's been such a long week! Charlie and I were reflecting on it whilst waiting for the bus to arrive. He's been kind of irritable regarding money since he's had to wait for what seems like forever in getting paid. He gets paid tonight at midnight so that'll be great for him and for us.

The last few months have left us pretty poor, but somehow managing to have enough thanks to my measly tip money that we can spend on stuff that we run out of and other expenses. I honestly don't know how to keep food in the fridge with this one. He's CONSTANTLY eating. Not like he's just mindlessly noshing away, but when he eats..he EATS. His mom wasn't kidding. At first we'd spend money on groceries and he'd just eat them because they were there. The final straw was when he ate the last apple at 11pm one night. I was like, "Gah!! First..I WANTED that apple for breakfast in the morning. And two...you only WANTED it because you opened the fridge to get something to drink and saw it there! NOT COOL." That's when he realized his problem and has since corrected it. lol Not only was food an issue, but the fact that we moved into a new apartment with only a few belongings of mine and his clothes was also one. We bought some new furniture..managing to get a LOT at a decent price, which was a blessing in itself. Shopping around for good prices wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it'd be. He was getting pretty stressed at the fact that we had pretty much NOTHING left over at the end of the month, but I reminded him that we won't be having to go out and buy new furniture each pay period anymore. Yippee!

I should be getting a copy of Dave Ramsey's book in the next few days. Cassie suggested the library to save money which is EXACTLY the entire point, but I want to keep mine and I'd also like to be able to write and highlight with abandon! LOL I made an extra 20 on tips the last week so I put that towards the book that I got from B&N [and with an Internet coupon...10% off. *happy dance*] I'm going to sit down at some point today at work and make a list of all of the bills we currently have each month, the money we have coming in each month and also the debt we have. I know that most of the debt is on my end which is a bit disheartening. But the past is the past, right?! I can only stop the cycle of poor money management [thanks ma and dad!]and start working to correct my bad habits TODAY so that my children won't have to make mistakes before they realize how to handle things the right way.

I'm also ovulating this week. The last few days my CM has been super stretchy. lol. Yesterday was a prime opportunity for baby-dancing. Speaking of which, Charlie's ma [Mama Flora...whom I speak with more oft than my own mother. Is that sad?] called me the other day and was like, "Are you married? I got some information in the mail...so are you married?!" I couldn't lie and longer. [And really, I wasn't LYING per se...we were going to tell her as SOON as we got into Texas this upcoming weekend.] I spilled the beans and she wasn't too mad, just a bit upset that we didn't tell her. And the little information she got in the mail....something from TRICARE. lol. As if I didn't hate them already. Well not TRICARE, but Madigan. Anyway..she told us we owe her some SERIOUS crab for not telling her. And she also said not to have any babies until December. To which I responded with: I would LIKE to say it's not going to happen, but Charlie is going to do whatever he wants and you know that. lol. AF isn't due for another week [the 8th] sooo it'd be nice to wake up on our last day of being in Texas, take a test and get a positive. But who knows?!?! We can only pray that it's in God's will for us to be blessed with a lil' mini us.

Ugh. The stupid XM radio is broken and won't play any music. I've only been here for a little under three hours and I'm already losing my mind. I tried to plug in my Ipod, but THAT didn't work either. I didn't really WANT it to just because I want to use it while I'm working.

Okay, stupid girls in the building. Gotta go!

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