Day Trip!

OMG! Today was such a good day!!

We woke up SUPER early..like 7:30. Normally, that's sleeping in for us, but for a Saturday where we USUALLY wake up around 10 and stay in bed til around noon...super early. After lounging around for a few hours, Charlie called his buddy Ryan to see if he still wanted to go to the coast for the day. A couple hours later, we were all packed into Ryan's truck and driving off towards the ocean.

It was soo beautiful. Sadly, it was also really windy and therefore..COLD. I didn't think about bringing a sweatshirt so I only had my small blue half sweater. I wore a sundress but also brought jeans just in case we wandered around the town. Anyway. We found a little part of the beach so we parked and walked down. We saw a bunch of cars down there so we figured, "let's try to get Ryan's truck down on the sand." BIG MISTAKE. We got about 5 feet into the sand off the road trail and immediately got stuck. lol. Thankfully there were about 5 other cars there and one guy who knew what to do. So Charlie and Ryan and the guy started letting the air out of the tires so we had more surface area to drive on. About 5-10 minutes later, we were FREE! We filled up the air in the tires and set off to Westport.

We ate at this little place called the Mermaid or something like that. The only thing I remember is that when we first walked in, they didn't acknowledge us AT ALL. We stood there for a good ten minutes before Ryan said hello to them. Stupid. Not even a glance in our direction. VERY RUDE. Then I was reading the paper that was sitting on the table..it was a week old...and saw that the police had documented all of the things they'd dealt with for a week! WTF? I'd NEVER seen that before. I mean they put dates, times, places, what the problem was, and what they did about it. Ryan said they did that in his hometown too. And I thought MY town was small.

After buying some liquid courage [aka Budlight], we found another patch of ocean, parked and walked down towards the water. We came back to the truck and I saw the guys changing into their shorts so I figured, "if THEY'RE gonna do it...i might as well!" so I put my shorts on. MORE liquid courage and we went down to the water. I got in for a little bit, but was too numb since the sun decided to hide behind the clouds. But the guys played for awhile so I took pictures!!

After the water and lack of sun was a bit much, we went back to the truck. More beer, more pictures, more convo...after awhile, we drove back home and I fell asleep. APPARENTLY, the guys thought it'd be funny to take a picture of me while I was comatose in the backseat. SOOOOO not cool.

Good day. No, scratch that..GREAT day!

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