Whoopsie! Change of plans...


And just that quickly, I'm not going to the gym for another 2 hours.

I forgot my ipod in Charlie's car AGAIN! Second day in a row. Stupid Kiranda. And there's now way I'm going to make it through today's workout without my Slipknot, Audioslave, Trapt, Killswitch Engage, PapaRoach, FlyLeaf, etc workout mix. lol. My legs are still super sore from the first workout this week so running 2 miles will NOT happen unless I can use the music as inspiration.

Now I have to wait for Charlie to get home. BUUUUUT- All is not lost. I can still work out when he gets home. Have him come pick me up or catch the bus home afterwards and he can nap uninterrupted while I'm working on my fitness! Problems, solved.

But oh this house.... Why does it ALWAYS get dirty again. I swear, I used like 10 dishes this morning for breakfast. WHO DOES THAT? lol.I was too tired to do it at 3am so I should probably go do some cleaning. And the mowers are done in the back, I think, so Princess can go outside. yaay.

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