Boop Boop Bee Doop.

I was supposed to work today, but I managed to get the day off for Ft Lewis' FRG mtg that Charlie wants us to go to. I guess he was told he had to go...IDK. I'm getting up now, hitting the gym before Charlie gets back and then going to the meeting. I'm just glad I have the day off.

OOOH. Cool news: I got Mariner's tickets yesterday. Well I don't HAVE them, I'm going to be getting them soon. Brendan works for Safeco Field and since I give him discounts on his coffee and computer time [Unlimited comp time for $1 coffee.] at my job, he said he'll give me tickets. YAAAY. I'm excited. I love watching the Mariners play and Charlie's never been to a pro-baseball game! WOO.

Happy Thursday. OOH. I almost forgot..it's PAYDAY!

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