I Could Write A Book...

I LOVE that song. Good tune.

I got to thinking today whilst on the bus texting my friend Alisa and Heleen...I should write a book. True, my life hasn't extended past 21.5 years, but I have experienced a lot of things in those few years that would DEFINITELY be a good read for the everyday Jack and Sally. A few ideas:

Bus Adventures
No-Daddy Syndrome
A Day In The Life of A Fool

I really want to. I have about 3 novels that are about 1/3 finished on my laptop. Speaking of which, I need to get a new keyboard on there so I can actually use it....rabbit hole. Gaah. It's late. I need to stop letting my mind wander and go to sleep. I have the day off tomorrow for this FRG mtg and Charlie has to eat breakfast before work at 4 so guess who is getting up and at 'em...MOI!

tata for now.

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