First Taste..

I'm about to get my first taste of the crazy, hectic life we're about to lead. Today is my day off, but I managed to fill it with a bunch of errands and things that I'd like to get done before the weekend is here. I have a show on Sunday and I'm playing with a band I've never rehearsed with before. It's not going to be too terribly bad since it's mostly jazz standards, but there are a few covers that we HAVE to run through otherwise...sucky show. And with the standards, we just need to run through them once to get the arrangements down. [speaking of which, I should probably write those out...eek]. I also have my financial aid appointment at PIMA today at three. Charlie is coming home for lunch so I want to make him lunch and spending that time with him would also be nice soooooo.

I'm up and moving around now [well I WILL be once I get off the computer]. I'm going to shower and get dressed, stop by the managers office to show her the haircut that we've been putting off for three days [and get a cookie or two. she bakes the most AMAZING cookies!!], make lunch, eat lunch with charlie, have him take me to the bus stop, go to PIMA, go to Cornish and practice and finalize the arrangements, meet up with the band [which I've YET to finalize a time, so I should shoot them a text now.], and then rehearse, and go home.

WHEW! I'm STARTING to get overwhelmed. lol.

It sounds like it's no problem, but getting home might be an issue. Charlie has to work at 4am tomorrow and I KNOW he doesn't want to drive all the way out to Seattle around 10 to pick me up. So I might have to catch a bus. Only DOWNSIDE...there's no set schedule for getting back home that late at night. Does that make sense? It all depends on when I leave, how far I can get downtown to catch a bus. I can't say for sure when I could catch it. Blegh. It sucks.

When we get back from Texas, he'll be working 12hr shifts...probably the night shift. I'll be starting at PIMA Medical and working. Come September, I'll be going back to Cornish, finishing up at PIMA and still working. I really won't be slowing down until May 2010 when I'm done at Cornish. If I happen to get pregnant, I'll be quitting working once the baby is born. This year is going to be interesting. I'm excited for it and determined to take it one day at a time, one task at a time so that I can come out shining on top...a little frazzled..but successful!

Here we go....

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