Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Lately, I've been feeling the pain of being unemployed. It absolutely sucks. Before, when I was super sick all the time it was a welcome thing to not have to get up and deal with anyone. But now that I'm feeling better, I want to be useful. Especially when it comes to the lack of funds in my bank account and the stress it's putting on Charlie's shoulders. Our initial plan was for me to work until the baby comes and then take a year off. But he stepped in when he saw how sick I was and I ended up having to leave Online.

I've been putting in resumes to different places. Today I scheduled an interview with this coffee shop for tomorrow afternoon. It's called The Village Bean. The ad stated that it's kid friendly which brings me hope with being pregnant. I didn't mention that I was pregnant and I'm not sure if I'm going to say anything tomorrow during the interview. In any case, the only downside is that it's super far away. Like an hour of commute time. I'm pretty sure I'll drive most of the way since I'll probably work mornings and then have to go to school come Sept.

I'm excited about the interview because I want to be working. I'm also apprehensive because I'm worried that other coffee shops closer to my house will want me to work there. I spent a good while chatting up the owner of a stand down the street from my house. It's looking good. In any case, I could use some prayers on it. I need the job and the extra money would be great.

*yawn* It's so hot in this house, I can barely get comfy. We need AC. :(

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