Today and lately.

I am officially in my second trimester! *happy dance* The constant nausea has faded, but every time I wait a little longer than "usual" [i put quotes around it bc i have to eat every 2 or 3 hours.] then I immediately feel sick upon eating or drinking ANYTHING. I've also started getting severe migraines if I have too much sugar [at least that's what it feels like] so that's not fun. Especially when all I want is sugary foods. LOL.

I'm so proud of my husband. Lately he's been pretty down about work and the military in general. It doesn't help that he's surrounded by a ton of idiots and rude people. But we sit and we talk and now he's more amped about his career. He's talking about reenlisting and he's working hard to get promoted. Apparently, he already got promoted to Specialist and waited two days to tell me. I guess it's not a big deal to him, but I just get proud. Since he's been working harder, his NCO's are taking notice and are asking him if he wants to do extra work and extra training. He's working on becoming a Sgt which makes me even happier. Because advancing in his MOS is next to impossible, he's considering going to the Airforce. I'm not 100% against it. Shorter deployments and they tend to treat their soldiers/families better so that'd be great. Either way, I support whatever decision he makes. I'm not 100% thrilled with the possibility of having him in government control for the next 15-18 years, but I want him to take full advantage of all the benefits the military offers.

And my heart is so full when it comes to how he's changing as a person. Yesterday he had a rough day at work; taking the fall for a student who messed up and having other techs come in and take over on his x-rays unnecessarily. He literally was going on about it from 4pm to 1am this morning. I suggested he have a heart to heart with the people who wronged him because if he was bothered by it so much it wouldn't be any better if it happened again. He called me today and told me how the convo went and I'm just so incredibly proud of him. He is so quick to anger sometimes and doesn't think clearly, but he is becoming more open to using honey rather than vinegar and it's such a beautiful thing to see the change in him. *sigh*

I had an interview today for a new espresso stand. TVB is great, but too slow and disorganized for my taste. The boss expected me to come in on Mon and Tues last week without any kind of prompting from her. We don't have a set schedule so how was I supposed to know. I emailed her on Monday after being sick all day and she didn't respond until Wednesday. I'm not driving an hour on the possibility that I might work. It's not happening. She emailed me back and gave me the option continue working or not and if I get this job I'm going to decline further employment. I'm just wondering if they're going to pay me or not. I put in $500 worth of work while being there and I should get paid on Monday. I doubt she'll send me a check or even cut one for me, but it'd be a nice blessing if she did. Who knows. We'll see.

Welpy. That's all I have for now. Late.

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