On The Up and Up

Lots and lots have been going on in our realm. A lot of exciting great things..I count us truly blessed. Prayer is such a wonderful tool. I'm not saying use prayer to get only what you want, so I hope that's not how it comes across. Just saying that regular consultation, conversation and meditation with Our Heavenly Father brings such joy, happiness, and contentment to your life.

We found out that we're having a boy. It's actually quite a funny story how we found out. I'll have to type it out one day..lol. It was the best birthday present I've ever had. I found out on my birthday. Four hours of that day were spent in the emergency room, but it was soooo worth it! We're naming him Austin Anthony. I have another ultrasound on Thursday. Super excited to get to see him again.

We're also moving on post. That's SUCH a blessing. We've both been stressing about how to move into a bigger apartment and still get the security and quiet surroundings that this apartment complex offers. After some really shady things happening around this place to our neighbors and us, we decided to look into Fort Lewis Housing. We weighed some options and decided that it was better for us to move on post. Not only financially, but we felt more secure and that it was just a better deal overall. We put in our application and got our call three days later. I'm MEGA excited about it. Seven days until we get our keys and it can't come soon enough.

We've also gotten some great deals from CL on baby stuff. I really was just browsing through the first time and found such a great deal- I can't look away. I feel so good knowing we won't be going broke trying to outfit Austin's nursery with the most expensive things, but that he'll have everything he needs [and wants] and it won't have cost mommy and daddy too much!

What else what else? We're planning a long-extended trip to Texas in April. Not sure how long Charlie can get leave, but he's not taking any between now and then. My family is going down for their spring break and we decided that then would be a great time to go for his grandparents to meet the baby.

Okay..that's all that I can think of. Peez.

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