Dramarama at the Doctor.

Today SHOULD'VE been my 2nd trimester ultrasound, also known as the ONLY ultrasound I'd get from Madigan. It's the only ultrasound I'll get because my pregnancy was planned. How unfair is that? Because Charlie and I were actively trying to get pregnant and I know when my LMP happened [basically...taking an active role in our lives as parents], we're punished with only one ultrasound. It's not really that big of a deal. It's just super annoying that out of 40 weeks, the hospital gives me one chance to see my baby.

Anyway. Long story short, I get up there and there was a miscommunication with scheduling. I basically had a 20minute appointment with my doctor. I FINALLY got to meet him...when I'm almost halfway done. PSSSH. Then he put in for a consult at Ultrasound, but then realized that it's been in since August 7th. I leave there and go to Housing to help Charlie with the lease. After all of that I went BACK to ultrasound and try to get in since the doc said my appt HAD been in since august. The lady there gave me so much attitude [I later found out it was because she wanted to hurry up and get back to the large food spread down the hall for someone's retirement party...]. In any case, she sent me down to scheduling and they RE-scheduled me for Oct 13th. I started bawling as she put me in the computer and cried all the way to my car while Charlie walked me there. He wanted me to wait for his lunch to start, which wasn't for another hour, so I went to the car and waited. I figured I'd get some answers so I called Cheryl, the lady in charge of scheduling my appointments who didn't answer any of my questions either.

I ended up exaggerating and telling them that despite my LMP, the baby is measuring more towards 19.5wks so they moved my appointment up from the 13th to the 2nd. I'm just really relieved because Charlie is leaving for WLC on the 6th and won't be back until the 21st. True, he's already seen Austin...but I know we'd both be upset if he was gone for the actual one. [Ugh..that one u/s rule is super dumb!]

So overall during my time there this is what I found out:
**I've gained back all of the initial ten pounds I gained in the first six weeks. For a total weight gain of: 10lbs.
**Austin is measuring a lot bigger than he should be at 18wks.
**The medicine the ER doc gave me for my supposed bacterial infection was completely unnecessary because I probably DIDN'T even have one.
** Dr Michels [whom I'm assigned to], is super pushy with birth plans. I explained some of my preferences [without informing him of my actual plan to have a home birth..just wanted to go along with it] and he already was trying to changing my mind.
**I have to lie and scheme in order to get my ultrasound.
**They tried to give me a tetanus shot. Oh and this was after four doctors/nurses stood outside my room trying to figure out if it was okay for me to take while being pregnant. YEA! I felt sooo secure there. How 'bout you ASK me if I want this shot first considering I've NEVER had one. My mom believed in selective/delayed/no vax.

Going to that hospital is just emotionally and physically draining. It shouldn't be that difficult. I tried for a referral, but they won't give me one because they have enough room for me in the OB department. Ugh. Oh..and did I mention that so far, my appointments have been 7-8weeks apart rather than the standard 4 weeks apart.

I just LOVE modern medicine practices.

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  1. well hi Kiranda! I didn't know you had a blog! good thing you found me! okay about the blocks....you can buy the blocks at Michael's or something like that. Michael's is where i heard is the best...but i bought mine at some craft fair. Then i made the blocks. it's so easy...scrapbook paper, mod podge, vinyl letters, pictures if you want that is LASER printed. i can email you the instructions if you would like! let me know! oh and that sucks about your stupid doctor! with my insurance, i only get one also :( it's okay, i see my little man in 9 weeks! (less actually) you look great though!


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