30 minutes...it's the final countdown!

I have a whole thirty minutes before I go in for my ultrasound. I came back from my job interview and ate some lunch and tried to take a nap, but I'm just so frazzled. I'm so anxious to see my little boy!!

I've been having pain in my lower abdomen since yesterday. I think it's round ligament pain combined with gas bubbles floating somewhere in my intestines. Ugh..it's not fun. Lately he's also been staying still during the day and moving only slightly during the evening. I got a bit worried one day when I realized I hadn't felt him move all day but once I relaxed, focused and prayed a bit..he nuzzled me. lol

My puppy just fell off the bed and ran underneath it when I tried to pick him up!! LOL he's so cute!!


  1. just a tip that helped me immensely:

    Between 20-ish and about 28weeks, your uterus is just starting to emerge out of your pelvic cavity. It can scrape against the pelvic bones when you go from a sitting to a standing position, or when you roll over in bed. Its very painful! Lean over - like almost bend in half - when you go from sitting to standing and it'll help your uterus to shift forward and clear the pelvis. It makes all the difference.

    Are you having a hard time lifting one leg at a time (like when putting on a pair of pants while standing) yet?

  2. Oh gosh that makes so much sense. Whenever I bend forward from the pain, it makes it all better eventually. That definitely makes a lot of sense.

    No hard time lifting one leg yet. Although I did try to lift my leg over the babygate guarding our dogs and almost toppled over. My balance is WAY off now. And I always thought I had great balance..lol


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