Second Trimester Ultrasound!

We finally got to see our li’l chub again! Of course we had a glimpse of him on my birthday, but this time we spent over and hour just watching him move around while the tech checked him out and took measurements. He’s roughly 19cm [6in] long and weighs about 10oz! According to thebump.com, he’s the size of a cantaloupe! I look down at my belly and just imagine a cantaloupe baby somewhere in there. It’s so hard to believe sometimes, but then he kicks me and it feels more real.

These are a couple shots of his face. I LOVE my little alien head baby. lol.

Doesn’t it look like he’s giving a thumbs up?! He had a lot of left-hand movements, which makes me wonder if he’ll be a lefty like me!

We also discovered that Austin can be a bit stubborn when he wants to be! For most of the hour, he was lying on his right side, kind of like he was lounging. We got a few shots of his face [obviously] and then the tech was trying to get a profile shot. As soon as she said that out loud, he flipped over onto his belly so we couldn’t get a clear picture. We did see some of his profile, but not anything picture-worthy. lol. So she snapped this one instead...stubborn little boy.

All in all, it was a pretty great time. Lying on my back was super painful and I was trying to fight back tears ten minutes into the ultrasound. I felt like a little kid at the doctor’s office because I kept squirming around from the pain. Not to mention the tech was pushing REALLY hard onto my stomach so that didn’t help any. I was glad to see my little boy though. I can’t believe I’m halfway done with the pregnancy. Only a few more months before he’s in our arms!!!

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