It’s official! I have reached the halfway point in my first pregnancy with Austin!! I can’t believe it!!
I love that I actually have a bump now. And it actually feels springy to the touch...firm but springy [if that makes any sense...]. I’ve gained back the initial ten pounds I’d gained during the first six weeks and lost during the following 6-8weeks. That was weird, tipping the scale at my first appointment and then losing seven of those pounds miraculously and then slowly gaining it back. lol I still don’t look pregnant from behind, but of course I can see it. My hips are definitely bigger and still in somewhat of a proportion to my waist [which has widened, obviously]. I’d like to say that it doesn’t matter what I look like, but I don’t want to lose control of my body during this pregnancy. Especially because I was a good ten to fifteen pounds over my usual weight when I got pregnant. Besides, I have to be able to fit in a cheer uniform come April and May!!

We took these as we were leaving for the Cowboys/Broncos game! Go Cowboys!

Charlie just HAD to get in the shot. lol

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