Emotional Rollercoaster

This week has definitely been one of ups and downs. Today’s events have really tested my emotional 
“endurance” while Charlie’s been away. With the day off, I was determined to be productive and get some errands done and “to-dos” checked off my list. I was able to get the laundry done and pick up a pair of black comfy shoes for work. *yay personal victory*

The dogs, on the other hand, have been more than difficult. With Tucker being a puppy, we’re trying to get him on a set potty training schedule and [in turn] get Princess re-potty trained [since she decided to regress roughly six months ago]. I take them outside every two hours, 30 minutes after each meal, after they’ve woken up from a nap, and as soon as I let them out of the cage [also, whenever they start sniffing around the house..] Princess has been having digestive problems so she’ll go one or two days without pooping and sometimes it makes its way out on its own surprising all of us. [ugh] I haven’t actually seen her go #2 in at least three days. Well today she ended up going on her own [thankfully]. Tucker, on the other hand, pooped on me while I was holding him and then had some kind of diarrhea/butt problems when I put him outside.

Shortly after that incident, Charlie called and I broke down and cried. I know just how ridiculous it sounds, but that incident [on top of everything else this week] sent me over the edge. *sigh* I think I’ve taken for granted how much he helps out around the house and how often he steps in to make my life a little easier. I know it was hard for him to hear me crying over the phone, knowing he couldn’t really do anything other than offer up helpful advice and comforting words. He reassured me that he’s been praying for me while he’s been away. After his pep-talk and a short nap, I was able to push through the day and get more accomplished.

Tonight, Austin has been moving around so much. I put my hand on my belly to see if I can feel him kick and *drum roll*....I CAN! I told Charlie about it and now we’re looking forward to him coming home and being able to feel it himself. Ugh...I just want him home already. I feel like such a heel for complaining so much, but how I feel is legitimate whether or not it “compares” to someone else’s relationship. BUT- when he comes home, I have a yummy dinner surprise for him. Stuffed Pumpkins!!! WOO.

Alright..now time for Chelsea Lately, more tacos, a bedtime phone call, and then nighty night-ness. Work bright and early tomorrow!!

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