My Little Mover and Shaker...

The coolest thing to happen thus far in this pregnancy -- Austin responded back to my pokes and prods!!! Last night I was lying in bed, reading a book after getting off the phone with Charlie for the night, and I felt him move. Just out of curiosity, I poked the spot and he kicked back. Out of three prods, he kicked back twice. Maybe it’s just coincidence, but it was super cool!

Today, I was lying on the couch [on my side] watching tv and he moved and there was a large [noticeable] lump on the lower left side of my stomach. It was super uncomfortable, but I could tell it was him. It was the coolest thing!! I can’t even explain it. By the time I got the video function on my cellphone, he’d moved again.

Charlie will be back when I’m between 22-23 weeks. I wonder if he’ll be able to feel his kicks and movements by then...

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