Ultrasound Results and Crazy Dreams

I just got back from my second, followup ultrasound to check on Austin's heart. All in all, the doc said that the only way to TRULY be able to tell if he has Downs is to do an Amnio, but my chances of miscarrying are 1 in 200. According to today's ultrasound, my age, and my quad screen- my chances of him having Downs are 1 in 17,000. Therefore, testing for it has a higher chance than him actually having it.

I serve a mighty good God. I've been in prayer over this and I know others have been as well [thanks to those people!!]. Last night I dreamt I delivered him in five minutes [more on that later...lol] and he latched on perfectly and was a content baby. I feel in my heart that God allowed me to dream that beautiful dream to put me at ease. So all is well. Austin is roughly one ounce short of a pound in weight, he's measuring five days smaller than my due date, and he just LOVES nuzzling his head in my cervix. lol He crosses his legs at the ankle a lot and when he's not doing that, he's holding onto one of his feet! I have a real stubborn one on my hands though. The tech had to keep shaking my belly in hopes of getting him to stretch out and cooperate with us...poor little guy. I'm sure he was just not ready for his close-up. BUT- we did get six more pictures of him. I have to scan them onto a disc as they'll fade over time. *sniff*. I can't wait to show Charlie today after graduation.

So this dream. LOL. I can't stop laughing at it. I dreamt that Charlie and I were somewhere [where, I'm not sure] . I turned to grab something and my water broke so I grabbed onto the counter. And literally within five minutes of me trying to walk into another room, he started crowning. So I doubled over and went down on my knees. Then I thought I had a few minutes before anything else would happen but his head and shoulders came through and he came out right into my hands!! In the dream, I didn't feel any real pain afterwards and after we cleaned him up, he latched on perfectly. HAHA.

Crazy dream, huh?

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