6months and counting DOWN!

it's official!! i'm 6months pregnant! yah. lol and here's the pictures to prove it!

i was standing weird in this picture. lol

it's getting there!!

AAAAANNNNNYWAY! I'm just feeling really happy lately. Austin is a strong kicker and even though it can be a bit rough at times, I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I love knowing that this baby is growing inside me. Sometimes I have these "ah-ha" moments where I'm like, "OMGAH! This little guy is gonna be here in a few months. He's been growing in me since last June. OMGAH OMGAH OMGAH!" lol. Kids are wonderful.

Speaking of kids, our doggies had a rough visit to the vet the other day. Tucker has worms and Princess got her butt cleaned again and they BOTH had shots and flea medicine. Needless to say, they were pretty tired and lethargic. I'm so happy because Princess is FINALLY starting to get the whole potty-outside thing. She did it ALL on her own this morning. We've been having to put her on a leash and walk her out to the yard so she'll go, but I hope those days are behind us. Now if we can get back on a consistent potty training schedule...we'll be GREAT!

We had a party here the other night and it was just a TON OF FUN! I have to say, we've been VERY fortunate with Charlie's army career. I didn't think I'd enjoy it very much and I worried I'd be counting down the years until he was able to get out, but I'm ACTUALLY pushing for him to reenlist. Of course, it's TOTALLY his decision and I support him either way. Especially when there's pros and cons to each situation. We stay in or get out. either way it'll affect our lives drastically. We were talking last night about him reenlisting for another duty station. It's pretty standard for Xray techs to get one duty station during their first term. So we're pretty much Madigan people for awhile. But we were talking about all the different army bases and where we'd like to go if we had a say in it. He's pretty set on Germany and though I could do without the german language, I'd go! I'd also love Italy, but I know that's a long shot. We're not big fans of the East Coast and I'm not sure if I'd like the south all that much except for Texas but he's already been there and that wouldn't be fun for him. So maybe Hawaii? lol Who knows? This is all waaaay in advance, but it's just nice to think about it. lol

Okay, I have to get ready for work otherwise I'll be late! Toodles!

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