Christmas Comes Early for the Mays'

Christmas is coming early to The Mays' Residence! I'm soooo excited. I absolutely LOVE Christmas...definitely my favorite holiday! I've been away from home and on my own for the last four years so celebrating this holiday without them has been rough and tough. BUT-this year I have my own family [small though it may be!] and we're going to celebrate it!!

Tonight we bought a tree!
we love our little box tree! real trees are great and all, but super expensive and there's a lot of work that goes into choosing it, bringing it home, and making sure it doesn't die. not to mention the clean up! lol. :/

Here it is..all set up with lights and the skirt!!!

...hanging our first ornament together! God Bless America!

Charlie hung the star last! It was a bit tricky as our tree was pretty tall for this section of the ceiling. But THEN, the star was too heavy for the tree!! lol. After some maneuvering and mcguyvering (sp?), he got it to stay!

"Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....how lovely are your branches!"


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