Twenty- Seven Weeks! [edited and updated]

**I realized I couldn't POSSIBLY talk about the twenty-seventh week on day one. lol..so here's to recap-ing my last week in my second trimester!**

How far along: Twenty-seven weeks
Total weight gain: 15 pounds. I lost 4 and gained it back! Yah food.
Maternity clothes: I really want to buy a cute maternity sweater and some comfy boots. I'm still rocking the same maternity clothes.
Stretch Marks: Nothing new. yippie!
Sleep: Lately, I've been getting 7+ hours of sleep! This is new..lol I'm enjoying it while it lasts!!!
Best moment this week: Realizing that the pain I was feeling in my belly was him pushing against my innards! I can feel body parts. lol
Worst moment this week: First case of heartburn. Blegh.
Movement: I had to do a fetal kick check a few nights back because I hadn't felt him move in four days. After a scary first hour of only four kicks, he went crazy and kicked repeatedly to let me know he was still in there!
Cravings: Water...oddly enough. Is that even a craving?
Baby's size in food terms: still my little eggplant.
Belly Button: In or Out? It's getting flatter! I like poking my belly button to see if he responds.
Gender: a wittle chawlie.
What I miss: Being able to bend over and lift things without getting winded and hurting myself.
What I am looking forward to: not being in pain..lol
Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks..they're getting more frequent and more annoying.
Weekly Wisdom: nothing really.
Milestones: End of SECOND trimester. sorry for the typo.

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