Twenty- Seven Weeks!

How far along: Twenty-seven weeks
Total weight gain: Apparently, I lost four pounds over the weekend. uggggh.
Maternity clothes: No new ones. I can still wear most of my pre-pregnancy shirts though! They just accent the bump!
Stretch Marks: I got in the shower today and saw little tracks extend from my lower back over my hip bone in a beautiful red arc. lol..they're pretty scary looking. But no new ones have popped up.
Sleep: Finding it easier to sleep on my right side instead of my left and I always wake up feeling incredibly sore.
Best moment this week: Austin's Baby Shower..hands down!
Worst moment this week: Fighting with my mom. :(
Movement: a lot more frequent. he makes my stomach roll like the sea.
Cravings: Steak!!!
Baby's size in food terms: still an eggplant!
Belly Button: In or Out? Depending on where he is located in there, I get a little pokey situation.
Gender: still a weewee
What I miss: being able to sleep on my stomach. oh gosh!!
What I am looking forward to: having the physical stamina I used to.
Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks and a small case of nesting.
Weekly Wisdom: "You know what's best for you and your baby"...damn skippy!
Milestones: end of the third trimester. oh yeah!

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