My Little Music Man

Dear Lil Squirt,

I'm really glad you're becoming more active. It's actually quite fun for me. Like right now, I'm lounging around avoiding the to-do list that I have to attend to at some point in the next seven hours and you're enjoying a little boxing matching with my innards. Your daddy feels it and I enjoy sharing it with me. Like I said, I thoroughly enjoy it...BUT- do you HAVE to play xylophone with mommy's ribcage? I know, I know..it's superbly fantastic that you are musically inclined like your mother and all, but I'm preeeeeeeetty sure the sound waves that it's producing in the amniotic fluid aren't very musical. We can get technical if you want, but I doubt you'll understand my vast knowledge of music.

Moving on, we're going to visit your grandma/grandpa [who are in serious denial of being called by their respective grandparent names] and other family members this weekend. Could you TRY to move a bit for them this weekend? I know you're Aunt Kirisha would enjoy it. My only other request is that you are nice to me over the weekend. Kick and punch all day please, but be NICE about it. I know that's kind of weird to ask...move, but don't be mean about it. I mean you ARE a baby after all. But I'm you're mom so you need to do what I tell you to do. At least until you're eighteen. teehee....

Oh how cute...you're dancing to the Christmas music. Could you love the holiday as much as mommy does?!

I'm signing off now, my little bundle of awesomeness, because Grey's Anatomy is on and I really do need to get a move on with the laundry, packing, and cleaning of the house before our trip!

Mommy Dearest.

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