Twenty-Six Weeks

How far along: Twenty-six weeks
Total weight gain: Fifteen pounds
Maternity clothes: Finally relented and bought another pair of pants and two shirts for work. Rocking the same outfit five days in a row looks sketch...people always seem to notice that the milk stain from Monday is the same one on Friday. Also bought a cute gray dress from the clearance rack. It's not maternity, but I rock it.
Stretch Marks: The little buggers that showed up during puberty are now red, making them very visible on my bright yellow skin. Though...they still don't show up on pictures. Win.
Sleep: Hard to come by. I pretty much sleep whenever my body decides it's too exhausted to stay awake any longer
Best moment this week: I'm pretty much a nerd, but getting a washer and dryer.
Worst moment this week: Dealing with customers/coworkers at work. Shoot me in the face.
Movement: He enjoys hanging out in my ribcage for several hours at a time...what a lovely child he is....grr!
Cravings: Pepsi and Burritos and Jasmine Rice...odd, i know.
Baby's size in food terms:Eggplant. I had an eggplant sandwich once...
Belly Button: In or Out? Still an innie-outie, but I can see the inside of my bellybutton better than ever.
Gender: snips, snails, and puppy dog tails
What I miss: Cerveza!
What I am looking forward to: Playing with my little bug.
Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks
Weekly Wisdom: "Patience Is A Virtue"...totally lame, i know. but it's definitely helped this week.
Milestones: Double Digits my friend.....Double Digits.

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