Shoes and Great Husbands!

My husband is pretty great. He knows I'm not going to go out and buy something if I already have it. I don't buy clothes unless I don't have any that fit and I definitely don't buy shoes unless there are holes in them! lol. I have a pair of gold ballet flats that I bought around this time last year. I've worn those completely out! Word to the wise: Flats aren't for major trekking. lol.

He's constantly complaining about my not wearing socks and my shoes so yesterday he took me to the mall and didn't tell me why. Well, we walk into a store and I jokingly ask if he's going to buy me shoes! AND HE ACTUALLY WAS!! lol. We tried to find some boots, but my calves are way too big and muscular for that. [*le sigh*....] We tried several different pairs at different stores. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. So I settled on just some flats [even though he wanted to find several pairs of decent shoes and buy them all! lol apparently, he HATES all of my shoes!] He then made me by socks, which I HATE, and we tried to find a cute maternity sweater for us to wear for Christmas pictures- but there weren't any around that looked right.

My husband is great!!! And not JUST because he took me shoe shopping! lol

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