There I Go Again...

being a horrid blogger.


These days I feel as if I do nothing but clean clean clean! oh..and attempt to sleep! When I'm not attempting to sleep on the way to work, I'm working. At work- I clean. Then I commute home [there's that attempt to sleep thing again....] and I get home and usually take a warm bath and read a book/eat dinner there to try and relax. Then I go to sleep. On days when I DON'T have to work...I can barely sleep in. I get maybe an hour or two extra of sleep but then I'm up and cleaning the house. That's usually an all-day affair too! I don't understand how this house can get so messy with just two adults and two puppies. I shudder to imagine the chaos that will ensue once Austin makes his arrival.

Speaking of the little chub...he's doing well. Growing and thriving as can be expected. He stretches and rolls a LOT more often now. I mean, I can LITERALLY see his stretching movements down in my stomach. He's still super low, which makes me wonder how I'll know when he "drops" into the birth canal. I suppose he'll just feel heavier and there'll be distinct pressure on my pelvic bone. Or I'll get that "baby's head in between my hip bones" feeling. *shrugs* who knows?

I feel like we have everything pretty much in place when it comes to getting ready for him. Charlie and his friend Ryan went and picked up our glider/ottoman last night so I'm setting that up today. Despite the fact that we're co-sleeping, my mom and dad want to buy us a crib so they're buying that when they get back from Jamaica...sometime around the beginning of the year. After all of that, the only things left on my to-do/get 'er done list are: buy 10-12 more diapers, wash his clothes/diapers, buy a sling, finish hanging up my crafts for his room, buy a few more white onesies/tshirts, socks and hats, get birthing supplies and WAIT FOR BABY. I can't believe it!! We're so close!! I'm pretty sure I'll stop working at the end of January since I'll be term then and I don't want to chance going into labor while being out in Seattle...roughly an hour away from home. And I don't drive out there either- I take the bus. Can you imagine me getting on the bus while in labor? I know it probably won't progress super fast, but I don't want to be contracting while commuting. lol

Hmm..what else is new? Christmas Eve is today. That's awesome. In my family we open presents at midnight tonight so we're bringing that tradition here in our family. I can't WAIT for Charlie to open his presents!! He's gonna freak. I spent a lot of time and effort working on them so....I can't post about it because I don't want him "accidentally" stumbling across it before midnight. Just know that he's REALLY been wanting it for a long time and it's going to be a great surprise!!!

Well, I'm starting to get exhausted again. The chub was pushing on my bladder at 4:30 so I had to go to the bathroom but then my need to clean the house kept me awake. Once THAT was done, I started crafting and surfing the net. It's 7 now and I'm losing my "drive". Time to fall back on my pillow and snooze for a bit longer. G'nighty night!

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