Thirty Weeks: WOAH!

How far along: Thirty Weeks!!
Total weight gain: 19lbs. I'm surprised my body keeps putting on weight. THANKFULLY, I'm at the last stretch so it won't get too out of hand
Maternity clothes:Mama on the bottoms, Single-Diva on the tops!
Stretch Marks: nothing new to report..yah!
Sleep: I keep waking up on my stomach! When I roll over, Austin kicks wildly. I don't think he likes it!
Best moment this week: Lying in the bathtub and watching him roll over
Worst moment this week: WANTING to nest, but not having the flexibility or energy to do it all by myself..
Movement: He's becoming more active during the day..let's hope he keeps it up because his movements at night have slowed drastically. Praying for a decent night sleeper!
Cravings: Anything savory!!
Baby's size in food terms:
my little squash
Belly Button: In or Out? Currently, IN. sometimes i still have an innie. What IS this kid doing in there.
Gender: If he's a girl, then she's in for some SERIOUS counseling.
What I miss: putting on my socks!!
What I am looking forward to: playing with my little man...
Labor Signs: NONE- and I'd be happy with that for another 7 weeks!
Weekly Wisdom: "He won't notice if things aren't "done" when he gets here..."
Milestones: Frequency in movements, I guess. And the realization that I'll probably stop working in 6 weeks.

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