Twenty-Nine weeks: It's The FINAL Countdooooowwwwwwwn!

How far along: Twenty-nine weeks!!!!
Total weight gain: Ended up going to the doc for a sore throat and found out that I'm up 4lbs for a total gain of 19lbs! woo.
Maternity clothes: Still keeping the top sexy with pre-pregnancy shirts. My hips need the room of maternity pants...lol
Stretch Marks: still rocking the same sexeh baby marks..lol.
Sleep: Sleep is getting harder...I'm having back pains now. Thankfully, Charlie is so great at backrubs!
Best moment this week: A stranger asking me how far along I was...I no longer look fat...I look pregnant!!
Worst moment this week: Totally unrelated to pregnancy, but the cold weather of the PNW! errrgh.
Movement: More body rolls and he loves the left side of my ribcage. lol
Cravings: French fries and whole wheat toast with grape jelly!!
Baby's size in food terms: He's my little squash now!
Belly Button: In or Out? As I type this, it's poking out. I have to add, he's working on his punching and rolling skills so that might be the reason...
Gender: My little quarterback!
What I miss: I want a glass of wine so badly sometimes....especially after work!
What I am looking forward to: Actually going into Austin's room more than just to pile more stuff in there...you know, to USE the stuff!
Labor Signs: NONE! And I want it to stay that way for at least 8 weeks. I DID have BH while walking in downtown Seattle though..that was fun.
Weekly Wisdom: "Everybody's pregnancy is different...."
Milestones: I have to actually LEAN forward to see my toes now. cuuuuuute.

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