Twenty-Eight Weeks: The last stretch....

*sorry this is so late.......*

How far along: Twenty-eight weeks
Total weight gain: So far, the same 15 pounds. I haven't been to the doc yet!
Maternity clothes: Maternity bottoms, Regular shirts!!
Stretch Marks: Nothing new to report! Thankfully...
Sleep: Lots and lots of sleep! Oh yeaaaa
Best moment this week: More frequent movements!
Worst moment this week: I'm losing my ability to fully function on my own. This sucks.
Movement: Austin LOVES doing body rolls now! lol crazy kid.
Cravings: I've been craving sushi like nobody's business!!!!
Baby's size in food terms: last week as a little eggplant!!!
Belly Button: In or Out? Fluctuating. It's either flat or out...cuuuuuute.
Gender: As far as I'm concerned...he's a boy!
What I miss: Getting out of bed as quickly as I used to
What I am looking forward to: Babywearing...oddly enough.
Labor Signs: Nothing other than the random Braxton Hicks visitors.
Weekly Wisdom: "Going to the hospital doesn't make your baby come faster...."- Thanks Veronica!!
Milestones: Happy Third Trimester to me!!!!!!!

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