Sore Throat Mystery

I finally relented and went to the doc today. I've been having a sore throat for the past two days and it was progressively getting worse. I was bringing Charlie some lunch and spending time with him so I figured I'd just head down the the L&D department since it was just down the hall.

When I got there, the ladies asked what the problem was and made me put on a face mask since I thought I had strep throat [which I didn't put on correctly anyway and I felt like MJ...lol] Then they brought me to a room and hooked me up to a fetal monitor. I had no OB issues at all, but since I am pregnant and in need of medical care...why not, right? Blegh. She asked me several questions and checked my BP, pulse, and temp...all of which were good. Then another doctor came in [I figure he was a resident.] and HE was wearing a face mask too which further aided in my feeling contagious and stupid. He asked questions, checked my lungs, looked down my throat and checked my eyes and that was that. I laid there for roughly 30 minutes trying not to die of suffocation [those stupid masks]. The lady came back in and said they couldn't get a good reading on Austin's heartbeat and told me I could move the mask because it was cutting off my oxygen supply. I was never good with things over my face....

Fast forward ten minutes and they came in and "diagnosed" me with an upper respiratory infection-type virus and sent me on my way. Yeeeeeeaaaaaa. I have almost NONE of the symptoms of an upper respiratory infection. No runny nose, stuffy head, no cough or phlegm, no headaches or fevers..yet I MUST have one. Weird though...the problem is with my lymph nodes and neither one of them checked those. I've had URIs before and they've never felt like this before. I've never had strep, but I have 3 of the 4 common symptoms and therefore my likelihood of having it is good. I'm not asking for any antibiotics or anything. I just want to KNOW what's going on so I can find a natural method to get rid of it. Besides...I'd like to know why I can't enjoy my favorite breakfast food [whole wheat toast with grape jelly] without holding back tears from all the pain.

I wonder if I can get an appointment tomorrow.....

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