34 wks..and yes, I'm STILL pregnant.

How far along: Thirty-Four Weeks
Total weight gain: 22lbs at last check up, but I've probably put on another LB or two.
Maternity clothes: REALLY pushing it by wearing non-maternity shirts. lol
Stretch Marks: nothing new..thank Gawd.
Sleep: if going to the bathroom earned you frequent flyer miles, pilots would know me on a first name basis. lol..yes i pee FAR too much throughout the night. AND it's virtually impossible to find a comfy position.
Best moment this week: going shopping for Austin!
Worst moment this week: swollen cankles..they're actually pretty painful!
Movement: omg..this kid has punched and kicked me so much it's starting to hurt. but i love feeling him move.
Cravings: surprisingly [or maybe not] rice. lol and all things spicy. which, in turn, creates a TON of heartburn.
Baby's size in food terms: my lil melon ball. honeydew. lol
Belly Button: In or Out? it's starting to POP! omgah.
Gender: 3D ultrasound confirmed it last week...IT'S STILL A BOY!
What I miss: normal sized ankles!
What I am looking forward to: maternity leave. lol yes, still.
Labor Signs: leg crampage? hip separation? yea...all of these signs suck balls.
Weekly Wisdom: "every stage is the fun stage.."

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