Get 'Er Done List [update]

just wanted to update my checklist...check it out!

-get glider/ rocker
- get crib [present from grandma/grandpa...still waiting though]
- buy/make baby sling [might get one at upcoming babyshower...*crosses fingers*]
- buy 10-12 more cloth diapers
- finish setting up/ organizing diaper station
- get diaper pails/liners
- buy birth supplies
- buy white onesies, t-shirts, socks and more hats
- buy humidifier for baby room
-buy more blankets
-get wallpaper for nursery
- wash all baby clothes / diapers [probably will get done during maternity leave]
- get carpets shampooed
- wash the dogs
- make and freeze meals [need to buy ingredients..ahh!]
- get plastic sheets for bed [in case my water breaks]
- clean house from top to bottom
- finish hanging wall crafts for austin's room
- charge batteries on cameras/ delete unnecessary footage to make room for birth video/photos
- put together a call list in order of importance [so people will know i'm in labor] -[probably another maternity leave project]
- pack an emergency hospital bag [just in case]
- address envelopes for announcement cards
- clean and vacuum both cars
- do a belly cast [bought the kit, just need to actually DO it]
- take maternity photos [really want to get on this]
- buy and start baby book
- buy/ make food and drinks for laboring
- relax and have baby!!!

YAH. I went from having one thing crossed off to having more done [win!] and having a plan for getting the rest done. AWESOME!

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