Random Random Random

++I want to get my nails done, like WOAH.
++I miss being able to lie down without my heartburn flaring up.
++I'm watching Real Housewives of Orange County and this girl, Alexa [teenager] makes me want to smack her. She's a bit much.
++I can't wait to work out.
++I can't wait to drink a beer.
++Can someone come shave my head now?
++I hope Austin isn't a handful when he becomes a teenager.
++If I wasn't married/ a mom-to-be, I'd probably go on The Bad Girls Club or The Real World...just because.
++When Charlie is gone all night, I don't sleep well. *sigh*
++My dogs are the laziest dogs EVER.
++No, really they are. They sleep ALL DAY!
++I'm mega pumped for my babyshower this weekend!!

These pictures make me feel warm and fuzzy.

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