Thirty Five Weeks and where is that cellulite coming from?

How far along: Thirty-Five Weeks
Total weight gain: 22lbs at last check up...but I doubt I've added more than 3lbs since then.
Maternity clothes: Can't wait to put on my pre-pregnancy clothes again. lol
Stretch Marks: nothing new to report.
Sleep: I have to keep turning over every few hours...my favorite is when I snuggle up with Charlie. otherwise, I don't sleep well.
Best moment this week: coming home and seeing the Christmas tree put away!! Thanks hubster!
Worst moment this week: swollen ankles yet again. I actually had to call into work yesterday and ended up getting the rest of the week off.
Movement: last night he was practicing some kind of complicated dance move in there. it hurt. i asked him to calm it down.
Cravings: cranberry juice and more rice. lol
Baby's size in food terms: honeydew melon...that actually sounds kinda tasty!
Belly Button: In or Out? butterball turkey style poppage.
Gender: 3D ultrasound confirmed it last week...IT'S STILL A BOY!
What I miss: being able to clean the entire house without getting worn out after ten minutes.
What I am looking forward to: my mommy coming to stay with us on the 1st!!!
Labor Signs: leg crampage? hip separation? let's add contractions, an urge to sleep sleep sleep, and more crampage in my hip/ute area
Weekly Wisdom: "it's almost over...no one stays pregnant forever"

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