Thirty Six Weeks..almost in the clear!

How far along: Thirty-Six Weeks
Total weight gain: 22lbs at last check up...but I doubt I've added more than 3lbs since then.
Maternity clothes: All Maternity all the time...otherwise i look like i'm "trying" too hard. lol
Stretch Marks: my hips look like i've been mauled by a bear *sigh*
Sleep: I'm starting to toss and turn for roughly 10 hours per night in order to feel "rested"
Best moment this week: picking up and setting up Austin's crib!!
Worst moment this week: almost crying from the pain of putting together his crib...no bueno.
Movement: i'm working on trying to wake him up during the day and let him sleep with me during the night. otherwise, mama gets no sleepy time.
Cravings: cranberry juice
Baby's size in food terms: honeydew!
Belly Button: In or Out? popping out! and every now and than it gets hard. weird....
Gender: 3D ultrasound confirmed it....IT'S STILL A BOY!
What I miss: being able to wear something other than slip on shoes or flip flops!
What I am looking forward to: my little chub of course!!
Labor Signs: sharp pain in my cervix and more intense contractions.
Weekly Wisdom: "you're getting close"...let's just hope okay!

*psst- picture to come!*

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