getting nervous...

i know i should just turn the damn tv off, but i like to research all possible outlets so that im prepared for whatever happens. A Baby Story is on and they're talking about complications. One woman just had a vaginal delivery [not sure if she used drugs or not], but the baby had respiratory issues. One woman had her water break and started having a fever, indicating infection, so they're doing a c-sec. *sigh*

I'm just WORRIED now. i know with my being at home not getting regular VE's and such, I drastically reduce my chances of getting an infection. i know without any drugs, baby and i will be alert during and after the process. i know we're close to the hospital and all too. i just don't want ANYthing to go wrong... ya know.

somebody come smack me!

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  1. Just go buy a snorkie bulb (you know those blue bulb thingies that you suck boogies out of their noses with?) and if he happens to get a mouthful of amniotic fluid, you can just suction it out. No biggie.

    Babies were meant to be born. God in all His infinite wisdom made babies incredibly resilient to the childbirth process. If they were fragile and could succumb to complications easily, the human race wouldn't have survived. Complications are the exception, not the rule. And the fewer interventions you get, the less your chance of complications. And a homebirth has no interventions, so you're going to be fine!

    You're healthy, Austin is healthy. Those ladies who have complications are usually not healthy to begin with, and their labor choices further complicate matters.

    Nothing will go wrong. But if it makes you feel better you can always do the hard work at home and just "go in pushing" so the baby is born in the hospital. Technically if anything IS going to go wrong, it'll be during those last few minutes when baby engages in the birth canal.
    However, I warn against this because when the hard labor sets in, your first inclination will be to head to the hospital. Its just human nature to think that they'll be able to help you, or the baby will come faster in the hospital. (Going to the hospital does not make baby come faster, remember?)

    As you read in the Bradley book, most people get to the hospital too early rather than too late. If you misjudge your labor pattern and still have 6 hours ahead of you, that gives them 6 hours to wear you down and consent to things you dont want.

    Repeat after me: You're fine. You're healthy. You're smart. You're prepared.
    If 15 yr olds with no training or education can birth babies in the bathroom of their high school...you can surely do it in a nice comfy bed, using the knowledge that you've acquired, with your wonderful husband at your side.


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