1 Week PostPartum!

It's been a week since Austin's birth. In fact, as I type this, I was entering into the roughest part of the labor. The part where I went from 3.5cm to 10cm in a little under 2hrs! WOW. I'm still in shock over the whole thing. I had a baby! GEEZ.... For some reason, God trusted me with this little angel.

He's already got a ton of facial expressions. I swearz, my kid haz personality! He sleeps most of the day and is a ton of fun at night, pending I'm not trying to force him to sleep. He's working on keeping his eyes open, which is great. I didn't get to see his beautiful eyes for almost an entire day after he was born. He's starting to recognize his name, or at least he gives me the stinkeye when I call out to him. Attachment parenting is definitely second nature to Charlie and me. I already feel such a strong bond with him. He rarely cries, and whenever he does he calms down just from my talking to him. That's another blessing. He's not super fussy. At least not yet. He cries only when we disturb him [wake him for feedings, diaper changes, etc] and if we don't respond fast enough to his cues overnight.

We're having such a great time being parents. He's all I could've asked for and more than I thought a baby could be. Aside from being super bored from staying inside and sometimes being forced to stay awake because he likes to nurse-nurse-nurse at night...everything is perfect!

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