doopy doopy dooo...

i had to go to L&D last night bc my BP shot up again and i still hadn't heard about the pre eclampsia or not. they did a NST on me for a little bit and austin was NOT happy about the monitors...lol he kept kicking them off!!

anyway...the doc insisted on another VE even though i told her i'd had one just the day before. and i know it's not a good indicator of labor..but i can't help but get a TAD excited and anxious. just knowing that i'm ONE step closer to holding my baby. my progress: almost a full 2 cm dilated, 50% effaced, and at minus 2 station.

oh..and i don't have preeclampsia! oh yeaaa!

we finally ordered our supplies and are just waiting for them to arrive. we also need to go pick up a few more things from the store. i still want him to bake for the next week or so! i'm enjoying relaxing and sleeping as much as i want! lol my aunt's birthday is today and she REALLY want him to be born today for a birthday present!

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