just had a LIVELY discussion on placenta encapsulation with my ridiculously immature 20 year old sister who, might i add, had NEVER had children or been pregnant, but believes to know all there is to know about pregnancy, childbirth, and things of the sort. she made a joke about DH eating the placenta like they do in other cultures. i told her that we weren't going to eat it, but we're encapsulating it so i can reap the benefits of it. [skin, hair, nails, PPD, etc.] she then decided to condemn me for very same thing she was joking about! i explained the process and that we weren't going to just put it on a plate and dig it, but that it'd be cleaned, dried out, and put into pill form so i wouldn't actually TASTE it. and did i mention it was CLEANED?! she criticized my friends and other people who think it's a good idea, calling us all "weird" and then told me that the research i've actually DONE on the subject couldn't possibly be true because "not all research is correct". OH REALLY?!

then she jabbed back that we should "eat the cord and drink the EMBRYOTIC fluid." [yes, this is exactly what she said.] i then told her that it's amniotic fluid and that there's no medicinal or nutritional value to it so that's ridiculous and eating the cord is the same. then she said that "because they've found there's good things in the cord, like DNA and things like stem cells, we should just eat the cord too!" [of course, this was said sarcastically]. i told her that the benefits they've found have been from the cord BLOOD, not the cord itself and that we're draining all of the blood into Austin's body so he gets the benefits/extra blood volume. to which she replied, "you're gonna feed the blood to your kid?" *insert slamming head on wall here*

i keep reiterating that i'm not going to have an ignorant conversation [too late, i suppose] and that when she becomes pregnant then we can chat; but i doubt that she'll even consider doing anything other than what the doctor says because that's just crazy to think there could be another method. *sarcasm* at some point the convo leads to dealing with pain and "how you can't just light candles and incense and deal with pain." i pointed out that she is super quick to pop pills so this understandable that she wouldn't bother looking up other methods. then she said she can't wait until i have to deal with serious pain. [oh how NICE].

eventually, the convo was super one-sided and negative and really was just her screaming through the phone to talk over me so as not to hear what i had to say. i'm "weird and crazy" for considering an alternative way and not just blindly going along with the crowd.

and if that's true, i wear that title proudly dammit!

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