We've Made It!!

Over on the side panel, I had a timeline tracking our progress from marriage to Austin. Since we've successfully made it, it's only fitting to remove it! *sad face* I didn't want to lose the journey to our sweet babe, so without further ado...

apr 6th = got married.
apr 8th = thought we were pregnant. freaked and took a Plan B.
apr 12th = after a heart to heart, we decided to try for a lil'.
apr 12th = took an ovulation test, NEG. starting charting temps.
apr 13th = took another ovulation test, NEG. cervical mucus was egg white consistency.
apr 15th = checked cervical mucus- had blood.
apr 18th = took an ovulation test, NEG.
apr 24th = took pregnancy test, NEG. had blood.
apr 28th = decided to stop TTC.
may 8th = coworkers sent TTC dessert my way!
may 15th = got a "positive" blood test from the hospital
may 18th = had a menstrual cycle, no baby.
may 30th= checked cervical mucus- ovulating. conceived.
may 31st= checked cervical mucus - ovulating.
jun 8th = AF due and no show, took pregnancy test, NEG. tried inverting photo of test to get a BFP, NEG.
jun 11th = took pregnancy test at 8pm, one faint line.
jun 12th= took test at 12am, one faint line. took digital test that night, POSITIVE!
jun 13th= woke up with sore boobs and backaches. bought 1st pair of maternity pants.
jun 16th = first bout of "morning" sickness.
jun 24th = quit job due to "morning" sickness.
jun 30th = first doc appt.
jul 16th = realized my fast food cravings.
aug 7th = heard baby's heartbeat!
aug 19th = entered 2nd trimester.
aug 23rd = noticed my baby bump.
aug 30th = felt a "flutter"
sep 9th = went to ER for severe migraines.
sep 16th = IT'S A BOY!
sep 24th = heard baby's heartbeat again. he's measuring a bit bigger than normal.
oct 2nd = saw our baby boy on ultrasound
oct 4th = 20wks! halfway point!
oct 8th= had first Braxton Hicks contraction, thought it was the baby.
oct 14th = doc called to schedule follow-up ultrasound. they detected a bright spot on austin's heart.
oct 21st = 2nd ultrasound, nothing to worry about.
nov 5th = 6 months pregnant!
nov 21st= austin's baby shower in spokane!
nov 22nd = movements are more frequent.
nov 27th = first case of heartburn. ouch!
dec 31st = fell on my butt..feeling a little front heavy.
jan 7 = 3D/4D ultrasound of our lil chub!!
feb 4 = 2cm, 50% effaced, minus 2 station, high BP reading
feb 5 = went to L&D for high BP symptoms, sent home
feb 10= went to L&D for high BP; admitted due to preeclampsia
feb 11= austin is born: 1:17pm, 5lb6oz, 18in long, 34cm head circ

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