another eventful night

i am so exhausted. i can barely do anything except lie here looking ridiculous. my poor babe screamed his head off all night. okay, that'd an exaggeration. i went upstairs for bed around 11pm and he was snoozing. i held him while charlie went to the bathroom and he woke up and started grunting. he did his pushing, grunting, straining, fussy thing and i breastfed him, we rocked him, cuddled him, massaged him, etc until charlie took him and let me lay down at 2am. apparently he was asleep by then and they both came to bed around 2:30.

my poor babe. i tried to schedule an appointment for him at the peds clinic [the triage nurse said to come in right  away], but there were no open slots so the lady left a msg with them that it was urgent, so i'll be getting a call within 4 hours. [we'll see...]

right now he's snoozing on my chest. i'd planned on a full day for us, but it's looking like we'll be in the house today. :/


  1. I am so sorry to hear that. I've had nights like that and it isn't fun--and for me, I would just get fustrated and that didn't help me! But sounds like you and charlie are very patient. That's good you got an apt, but I bet it's nothing--that little babe is perfect. I feel for you!

  2. just know that there are SO many other parents awake with you during that time. me included. =) maybe it's gas? does he suck in a lot of air when nursing? do you burp him well? bicycling his legs can help work out stuff. =)

  3. it might be gas too. he does feel a little better when he burps or farts [just like mom/dad!]


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