as predicted...

the docs at the peds clinic at madigan didn't help at all. well, that's not ENTIRELY true. the doc DID shove her finger up his butt which got some bowels to move. that was a horrible experience to watch. he started screaming...oh my word. i felt so bad for him. but when she was done he calmed down a lot. i really don't think she listened to half of what i was saying, including his symptoms. ie: when i told her he was exclusively breastfed, she then asked me what else he eats besides breastmilk. i mean, really? lol she said he was just pushing prematurely and to give him 1/2 an ounce of water between feedings. he's since pooped and is in good spirits so i'm hoping this will all go over well. i'm leaving the house tonight for my first night away from him. i'm going to seattle to promote with the cheer squad at a nightclub. i sooo don't want to, but it's a $$ opportunity for each girl AND i'm a coach so i feel the need to participate. i've pumped for charlie so i'm hoping that austin's good mood lasts throughout the night. okay..i've gotta get started on my hair...tata for now!


  1. hey sorry, first time post. But i was wondering. How many days has he gone without pooping?
    It can be normal for a breastfed baby to go up to 10 days without a poop.

    my kiddos all started this trend around 2 months, so I'm completely expecting the newest edition to as well. So far she has a 3-4 day streak without a BM.

  2. he's pooped at least once a day since birth. i'm not worried about him not poo-ing, it's the straining that's worrisome. sometimes he'll strain and push for hours with no results, ykwim?

  3. is he crying while straining? or just straining?
    okay, forewarning: i don't presume to know everything.. these are just my helpful thoughts. feel free to tell me to buzz off. lol

    Babies will strain from time to time to move the stool along through the intestines.
    If you want to do something when he's grunting/straining, try picking him up to get gravity to help him in his efforts. Or try holding the knees against the chest to help him "squat" -- the natural poo position lol.

    Straining is usually normal. Crying while straining may be a sign of constipation. If the poo is hard (firmer than peanut butter) or foul smelling (you'll know) in a baby who has not yet had solid foods... then I'd be concerned.

  4. keep the help coming!! i really appreciate it..i'm new at this parenthood thing and there's conflicting advice being thrown my way. i appreciate help from likeminded people, yk?!

    anyway..he mostly just strains. sometimes he cries but i think he's crying for other reasons because he usually stops when we soothe him. we're trying both of those things more consistently to see if it helps. today he hasn't strained so much when we've done it so *crosses fingers*

    otherwise he's a happy baby so i feel like this isn't a major issue...

  5. Yay, I'm glad it's helping. =)

    Parenting is about survival sometimes. lol You just figure out ways to keep going and keep your little family happy and healthy.
    Only you know what's right for your family.


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