Austin is One Month Old!

Dear Austin,

WOW. Really? I can't believe it! Exactly one month from today, I was moaning and groaning through the worse part of laboring. Little did I know, I'd get to see you in just over an hour. [I'm watching Deliver Me: Home Edition and I don't understand long pushing stages...you came out in 7 minutes! Way to go champ!] What's going on with you?!

You are making this transition into parenthood super duper easy for mommy and daddy. You sleep a LOT and give us a ton of time to do other things around the house [great for when mommy freaks out over how dirty the house is] and to relax and take it easy. You rarely cry and when you do, I know something is definitely wrong. You do fuss a little bit, but that is easily quieted with a little attention and love. People are constantly telling us that we're spoiling you and holding you far too much, but we know you just want some loving from your favorite people in the world!

Breastfeeding is going GREAT! You nurse like a champ. [I'm beginning to think that'll be your nickname...champ!] Currently, the mom-keg is open 24 hours a day, whenever you want, for however long you want. We had some issues at first with latching on properly, as you like to suck on the side of your upper lip, but all is well now. You make the cutest face when you know you're about to eat. Your eyes get really wide and you open your mouth and start breathing really fast like you're excited. You also like to pull away really hard at times when you're eating. soooo not cool. We're going to have to talk about that...I don't pump as of yet. I enjoy this special time between the two of us and I'm not so sure I'm ready to let anyone else in. Don't get me wrong, there are times [especially over night when I really don't want to get up and feed you.. sorry it's the truth. momma likes sleep!] when I wish daddy could feed you, but I know that I'll have help in that arena soon so I'm savoring this time we have together. You were having some bowel issues not too long ago. Blame me, I wasn't making sure you were getting enough of the good fatty stuff. Sorry chub! But now things seem to be back to normal. You still grimace and grunt a lot, but you're able to push a lot easier! Thank God. Seeing you in pain was killing me!

You are just the best kid ever. On more than one occasion [and from more than just one person other than me] you have been called the most perfect baby. I am kinda biased, but I can't help but believe it's true. You're so precious and so perfect. I still can't believe you grew to existence inside my belly. I can't wait to watch you grow and develop more. You've already got a stellar personality. And that smile! You are SO gonna be a heartbreaker. I feel bad for the girls when you get older...

And mommy officially FAILS because she broke the digital camera and therefore, we have to buy another one. Pictures to come..I promise!

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