My husband runs. He runs A LOT. Not only does he run a lot, he runs FAST. I'm talking..less than a minute thirty seconds and he's already around the track. He can run a two mile in 10minutes. SERIOUSLY. The kid is speed lightning! He's always working on his fitness. If you need inspiration, just be around this dude. He watches every morsel he puts in his mouth and works out religiously. Not only is it his job, but he does it because he wants to be healthy. It's pretty inspiring and I end up regretting the big cheeseburger and large fries I just "have to have." lol.

Our one year anniversary is fast approaching. Our first year was all about letting me do my own thing since I was pregnant. I want to give him more of myself in our second year. I want this year to be less about me and more about him. What better gift to give him than to join in one of his favorite activities?!

So here it is: I'm going to become a runner. I want to be able to go on runs with him. You know, strap the babe in a jogging stroller, lace up my sneaks, and hit the pavement with my love. Granted, I'm slow but I think he'll appreciate it nonetheless. I told him I had a surprise for him and once I revealed it, he was excited and on board. We're going to Texas on April 1st for three weeks and I had intended to start it then, but I figured...why not now?! I'm CONSTANTLY putting things off and I'm determined to not let excuses, procrastination, what ifs, buts, and whatever else come in between me and this goal. Not only will this bring a whole different dimension of closeness to my marriage, it'll make me healthier. I just had a baby and am carrying around a few extra pounds on my short five foot two frame. And to reiterate..I just had a baby. I want to be as healthy as I can to live as long as I can for him.

We started earlier this week! I've been running at the track everyday. I started on this past Tuesday on the 9th! My first mini goal is to tackle running 1/4 of a mile [once around the track] without feeling like jello afterwards. The other day, I pushed it past the once around mark about 100 meters! I think tomorrow I'm gonna shoot for 1.5 times around the track! Currently, I'm running approx a 12min mile pace!

It just feels good. I'm determined to be a runner come summertime! There's 8 weeks until our first game of the football season. I wonder how my legs will look in the cheer skirt around then! lol

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