Body by Kiranda, updiz..

Today, I didn't run but I did workout a lot at cheer practice. OmHECK I haven't sweated that much in such a long time. Nursing Austin during practice was a lot harder because I was so "slippery".

Just in the last few days, my body has adjusted well to the running and working out. I'm starting to feel "stronger", if that makes sense. The mini goals are starting to become "easier", if you will, so I'm able to push it a bit further. Not just in running, but in other workouts as well. I've been doing planks since a few days after giving birth. I haven't been doing them on a set schedule, just anytime I feel like lying on the ground and torturing myself. lol. At first I was doing them at 30sec intervals, but yesterday I pushed it to 45. I can't wait to see how far I can push my body!

I'm not eating as healthy as I should and could. But I'm taking it one step/day at a time. I'm a fairly healthy eater, especially with Charlie! I feel super guilty anytime I eat junk and he doesn't eat it with me, therefore pushing me to make healthier choices. It also helps that we cook most of our meals so I cut out a lot of the bad stuff anyway. lol I want a scale. I don't know where my weight is since giving birth, but I'm interested. I'm also contemplating joining the Self Challenge..whaddaya think?

Signing off now! Time to get some ZZZ's...they help with weight loss and fitness too, don'tcha know!?

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