Whew! Austin and I had SUCH a busy weekend! This is the first time I've had things to do since he emerged from the ute' so it was interesting to see how different it was. No more pick up and go at the drop of a hat! Oh no! Not only did I have to make sure I had all of my things packed and ready to go, I had to make sure he was dressed appropriately and his diaper bag was full of the essentials. But it gets even MORE interesting. I don't have a vehicle anymore since my tranny went out in my car [perfect timing, huh?] so all of my running this weekend came courtesy of people coming to pick me and Austin up. So on top of all the miscellaneous bags and such, I had to bring his car seat and booster thing that keeps it secure in the car and his stroller and his moby wrap! lol. Oh yea..AND I live on Joint Base Lewis McChord so everyone who came by had to stop and get a visitors pass before getting to my house! lol

Saturday, we had to go into Seattle for my re-audition at Cornish. The bestie Maggie came by around 10:30 and picked us up and we drove out to the Corn. Our other bestie, Susan, was helping run the auditions and since mine wasn't until 2:30 [it was noon when we got there] we decided to go to lunch at Deluxe! It's been SO long since I'd been to Deluxe. Actually, the last time I was there was for my 22nd birthday after we went to the fair! OOOOOH IT WAS FUN!  Anyway, lunch was fun! It's great to be out with the girls, especially since Susan just got accepted to the University of Tennessee for grad school so she'll be outta here come August! *sniffles* Oh well, I guess we'll just be flying out to Tenn for a CFK get together at some point! Afterwards, we headed back to the school and I had to change Austin's diaper so we went upstairs and I helped Maggie get settled in for babysitting duty. After some time, I eventually went off to rehearse and had my audition. [side note: everyone thought it was stupid for me to re-audition since I'm 23 credits away from graduation..lol. but i digress..] I was done a lot sooner than we'd planned so we waited for Susan to finish up [Austin got a LOT of love and attention in the meantime] and then went to Emerald City Smoothie for some delish treats. We hadn't planned on doing more than just hanging out at Corn so I didn't bring the stroller, so this guy was really heavy. I had left his carseat back at the car so we decided to make the trek from Broadway and Roy up to 14th and Pine to Bootyland [a kids store] to buy a moby wrap! I was so excited. By the time we got there, my arms were sooo sore from holding him. We managed to find a wrap for SUPER cheap [50%+ off, my friends!] so the lady at the shop showed me how to put it on and we put my sleeping babe in there.  

Then Maggie dropped Austin and I off at cheer practice. It was fun seeing and hanging out with her! And she helped MAJOR with little Aussie-roo. [Thanks Maggles!!] Cheer practice was fun! I hadn't seen the girls since January. I don't even remember my last practice. I stopped going around the time I took maternity leave because I did NOT want to have my baby at practice or on the way to or from! lol I got my uniform and poms. The jersey fits perfectly, but the skirt is WAAAAY large. I know I'd ordered it larger to account for my postbaby bod, but I have to roll is twice just so it looks normal! lol..oh well. I can totally take it in. I don't have any pics of me in it yet, but they're coming!

Sunday we had a calendar photoshoot for the Colts cheer squad [aka Filly Girls]. So Austin and I got up super early with daddy and got ready for the day. One of the girls, Ashley, drove out to pick us up [again with the large load of stuff to bring!] and we went to Gasworks Park in Fremont/Wallingford area for the shoot. I'd never been out to Gasworks, but had heard about it. WOW.It's so beautiful. It was super cold out there though! We were FREEZING! I don't know why I decided that leggings, a tank top, a hoodie and flats were a good idea to wear early in the morning. Had I been smart, I would've looked it up and realized it's near the water! I am glad, though, that I prepared for cold weather with Austin. He was warm the entire time!! 

After the shoot, Austin and I met up with some of the army wives for a birthday party. It was his first birthday party! Everyone just loved on him and showered him with attention! We had a lot of fun at the party. Charlie even came out to pick us up and hung out with the girls for a little bit! I met some of the other wives and just LOVE them all. Now that Austin is here, I'm going to make a bigger effort to hang out! I think we're hanging out some more this week too!

I'm so glad to finally get to rest and sleep in! lol. I wonder how it's going to be with the little Mister this week. He tends to be really clingy when he's been busy and running around. I just love cuddling my little buddy!!

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