I'm a BumGenius! lol

So Austin's been feeling a lot better lately!! He was super constipated and has been grunting so much these past few days. It hurt my heart to watch him hurt. So we tried a TON of stuff, including up-ping my fiber and water intake, cutting out diary products from my diet, giving him a little extra water from a bottle, tummy massages and warm baths. But the trick that did it was feeding him twice from the same breast rather than switching at each feeding. I've also been feeding him a lot more often.

It's been working! We've been changing poopy dipes like WOAH. lol. It's great. I'm so happy my little guy is feeling better!

In other news: He can kinda-sorta fit in his cloth diapers!! They're still pretty big on him, but I know for SURE when we get back from Texas he'll be able to wear them! YAY!

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