This past week, Austin has been having bowel issues. We weren't sure if it was the vitamins the doc wanted us to give him, not enough water, not enough milk, constipation, or what. But he has been spending a lot of time grunting and pushing until he turns red. It's been so hard for me, personally. Just sitting there and watching him in so much pain. I try to nurse him, but he doesn't want to. He sleeps comfortably on Charlie most nights, rarely with me. I take baths with him to try and loosen things up and make it easier and that helps, but we can't stay in the bath all day and night! *sigh* It's really taking a toll on me.

The past two nights, his poop has been green so I figured it's a milk issue. He's obviously not getting enough of the fatty hindmilk, so on the recommendation of a friend, I've been doubling up when nursing him. I'll nurse him twice on one side before switching to the other. I'm also worrying that something is up with my supply. This past weekend, with my aunts in town, I wasn't able to nurse on demand like usual [that's a whole other story there...argh] so I ended up getting engorged. Since then, I haven't felt "full", if you will. We went out and bought some fenugreek tablets and I've been taking those with my Mother's Milk Tea to help with my supply.

He's pooping more often, but still struggling. My plan is to nurse him often, making sure he nurses longer at each breast, and to cut out dairy products [both Charlie and I are lactose intolerant], and also up my own fiber/water intake. Hopefully these things work. I hate seeing my babe in pain...


  1. if the supplements that the dr. recommended have iron in them, that will cause green poop and constipation as well.

    Personally, I dont give Micah anything but breastmilk. Its all he needs. Afterall, what did people do 100 years ago when they breastfed and vitamins weren't around? They survived just fine.

    Other countries joke that American's have the world's most expensive urine. Because we take these expensive vitamins and they just end up in the toilet. I'm all about vitamins (I take a multi, and Xian gets a chewable) but as far as giving an infant vitamins, its just like medication...there is no way to know that the safe levels are for infants.

    Do what you think is best, but dont be afraid to say "no thanks" and put them back in the cabinet.

  2. Yea, we stopped with the vitamins because he wasn't having any issues until we gave them to him. I wish I'd gone with my gut when the doc gave them to us- because everything within me screamed NO! but you know how convincing doubt can be..lol

  3. okay, to answer your question from my blog---YES! we are moving back. Now, i would be totally against going back but it's with my family and not just me. I'm actually really excited. We still have to wait and hear if he got in or not, but he we feel he is for sure getting in! ...and to comment about this post, Boston had the hardest time figuring out nursing--the hardest! he wouldn't do it!! we had to use a nipple shield...no...didn't work..then we had to put sugar water in the nipple shield....kinda worked! but anyway, i always felt that i didn't have enough milk...and Boston was always kinda fussy--THEN he started having "blood" in his diaper...freaked me out! turns out it was urate crystals..which mean he is dehydrated...aka i wasn't giving him enough. it's been a huge stress in my life...i did everything i could, but still couldn't get enough! i just had to tell someone! but sounds like you are doing great...next baby i'll make SURE they know how the first little while because those days are most important!!

  4. oh that's so sad about little boston!!! do you still nurse or no?

  5. I just saw on Facebook you had your baby and had a blog- he's so darling!! It sounds like things are better with nursing, I had a really hard time with it too. I bled for months and and always had to work to keep up supply. For us, I did what you're doing: Offering the same breast twice (or multiple times), using the shield often when I was sore, and feeding every 2-3 hours until she was about 2 months old and then I'd let her go longer at night. I nursed for a year and I wouldn't trade that experience for anything


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